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Award winning 4-in-1 Seasoning, Herbs and Spices Shakers 

Our multiple award-winning range of 4-in-1 Seasoning, Herb and Spice Shakers delivers an attractive, unique and highly desirable product to consumers.

The unique packaging allow for the deployment of themed spice combinations catering for all tastes. Inspired by specific cuisines and regions, every product delivers exceptional taste and variety to consumers, coupled with the assurance of the best ingredients sourced globally as well as Cape Foods’ industry leading food quality standards.

The range is popular with our customers around the world due to the innovative packaging, the guaranteed quality of the ingredients, and the thoughtful combinations of master blends for each item in the range.

Using this innovative format, Our master blenders work closely with our customers to develop and produce their own custom blended range of herbs and spices as private label packing and co-packing options.   Our support team employs a consultative process guaranteed to deliver, consistency, quality and customer satisfaction.  We manufacture to all requirements - including salt free seasonings, kosher spices and halaal spices.

Our ranges are essentials for Top Three retailers around the world.

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