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Alphabet Grinders available in 100ml glass bottles


As a truly international Herbs and Spices Company, our master blenders have crafted a range of unique seasoning, herb and spice blends from the finest seasonings available around the world.


Every product in the range is inspired by people, cultures and cuisines from around the world, and painstakingly formulated to bring home the taste thereof.  As a herb and spices company that supplies to over 30 countries around the world, we recognise that our products must consistently deliver quality and taste, made from the best ingredients and according to the highest food safety standards.   These principles have also been applied to our range of seasoning mixes that is guaranteed to add delectable flavor to any dish.


Our range of herbs and spice blends are available as private label packing and co-packing options.   Should you desire a unique taste or recipe, our master blenders will work with you to develop custom blends and unique formulations in a consultative process guaranteed to deliver the desired product and ensure consistency, quality and customer satisfaction.  We manufacture to all requirements - including salt free seasonings, kosher spices and halaal spices, then package the products in the widest selection of grinders, mills and shakers available, from 100ml to 325ml.

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