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Cape Foods supplies an exceptional range of Salt and Pepper Grinders, Mills and Shakers – we source the best, purest ingredients from around the world, then pack it in partnership with our large global customer base


The wide range of Salt and Pepper grinders and mills includes Sea Salt, Desert Salt, Himalayan Pink Salt, Pepper and Rainbow pepper.   They can be packed individually or supplied as Grinder Combos, and come in variety of PET and Glass from 65ml to 325ml.


We partner with top tier customers around the world – private label and co packing are standard options and delivered in vast quantities to our established customer base.   Cape Foods’ own branded ranges are also available, or our master blenders will create custom blends under the highest food safety standards and certifications.   We guarantee customer satisfaction and a complete turnkey solution from initiation, through manufacturing in our state of the art facility in South Africa, to final delivery at our clients' distribution center's or stores. 

Our range are essentials for Top Three retailers around the world.

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