Hom Herbs and Spices Manufacturer, Supplier & Global Distributor

Cape Foods is a herb, seasoning and spice manufacturer and international supplier of quality specialty food products to retailers and importers. Cape Foods also co packs for a number of other spice manufacturers. We produce custom blended, private label, co packaging and our own branded ranges, packed in a variety of glass and PET grinders, mills and shakers.

Manufactured to the highest food safety certifications, we are a trusted supplier to top tier retailers in over 30 countries. 

Cape Foods is a premium supplier of an extensive, quality range of specialty food products.  The range includes blended Herbs, Spices and Seasonings, Salt and Pepper, Himalayan Salt blends, Popcorn Seasonings and Cake decoration products.

Our services include manufacturing and packaging private label herbs and spices or co-packaging for our top tier international clients.

Our master blenders have access to an unparalleled range of seasonings and produce custom blends for clients as a matter of course.

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